Upcycled Jewelry

I so happy for my crafty girlfriend Linda Molten Peterson with the new release of her most recent book-Upcycled JEWELRY  bags, belts and more.  Inside you’ll find so many creative ideas (check out the images below).   But I must say that my all-time favorite piece of  jewelry  is her Coiled Zipper Bracelet .  Who knew that zippers could be so fashionable!    Check out her BOOK GIVEAWAY  here I hope you win!    And not only that…check out Linda’s how-to-videos!

Vintage Styled Wedding

Vintage Styled Shabby Doilies are an awesome addition for a wedding coming up!   Stay inspired  Kathy Peterson inspired www.KathyPeterson.com

Indigo Wall Decor

Oh the  challenges of decorating a large wall!  Well, if  you do not have large artwork—-consider grouping like sized accessories and wall art to create your own personal style in a big way!   This is my family room cathedral wall and believe it or not— the artwork is original (made by me!)  To create this vignette,  I gathered flea market finds and thrift store frames for a casual look.  Each frame was painted black and the photo mats were painted white (yes you can paint the mats!)   This gave me the ultimate opportunity to finally frame some vintage fabrics I found at a yard sale in New Hampshire years ago.  The road sign has sentimental value to me as it was one of the original signs in the neighborhood where I grew up.

The vase was a great steal at $2.00 from a church flea market and the two white bowls I found when I was featured on HGTV’s Longest Yard Sale a few years ago (another steal deal).  And the cow creamer was given to me over 20 years ago from one of my best friends.   What I like best about this decorating idea is that I got to go on a treasure hunt in my own home PLUS  it didn’t cost a fortune!

Stay inspired!  www.KathyPeterson.com


Here’s a pretty table top idea using yellow and grey for a charming Valentine setting.  Yellow roses are an ideal symbol for joy and friendship so spread the love with someone your courting.  The yellow stenciled cloth uses both my Lattice and Fleur stencil collections in several sizes and I love the contrast of the black and white animal print.

Stay inspired!  www.KathyPeterson.com




Here’s another idea for setting your tabletops.  By layering your plates and colors you will  instantly inspire your table plus add a lot of depth.  In this place setting I used 5 colors including pink, black, white, silver and grey.  I stenciled the tablecloth using my Kathy Peterson Inspired Vine Stencil.  I also added a stenciled backdrop using my Fleur inspired stencil just to give you another idea for serving horderves or drinks.  Notice how the black and silver fleur stenciled background really adds even more depth.  The flower I made using Faber-Castell Gelato’s on circles of canvas which becomes the guest party favor.

Stay inspired!   www.KathyPeterson.com



Here’s another spin on decorating the same table (see below post) using some of the same table toppers but with a few additions and a new twist!


I love, love the crisscross design of the serving spoons mixed in with more wooden elements like the salt and pepper shakers!  By adding a tiny bit of sparkle with the clear glass pieces, mixed in with a few more black accents, this table top would satisfy any appetite! 

 Stay inspired!  www.KathyPeterson.com

More DIY Table Decor Ideas

Question:  How do you find your own inspiration for decorating table scapes?  Well over the years, I’ve discovered that my best bet is either finding inspiration in colors and textures.  This table top design was initally inspired by the fabrics shown and the bamboo rolled place-mat.

By adding other design elements like these wooden serving spoons, the blue bucket, the fruit, the folliage and a blend of serving plate styles and textures gave way to an unfussy look with a touch of nature. 

Stay inspired!  www.KathyPeterson.com

Although this was originally a New Years Day table setting I did for CBN TV with former Miss America Terry Meeuwsen a few years back, I wanted to share this idea except change the celebration to a Valentine’s Day table setting.  By using the unexpected color combo’s of aqua, black and white instead to the traditional red, gold and pink,  you cam create an unforgettable and very colorful experience for your sweetheart or your guests if you’re hosting a Valentine’s dinner.

I started this table scape by  layering pieces of black and white fabrics, then added just a touch of aqua using ribbon and sequins.


To to top off each plate, I layered the plates then wrapped them with a satin ribbon and placed a ceramic flower onto the plate.  This flower can also be a gift to each guest or you could possibly use it as a place-card holder.

I layered the sequins onto a mirror for added glow and then nestled in some ceramic flowers to add more dimension to the table.  Oh and don’t forget to add a few candles!

 Stay inspired and have a great Valentine’s Day celebration!  www.KathyPeterson.com

DIY Tote Bag

I made this tote bag about 4 years ago on the fly—no pattern–no plan–I just made it up mixing and matching fabric pieces.  Unfortunately, I did not make a pattern nor did I take any notes on how I made it.   Now I wish I had as I get so many compliments on this bag.

 In any event, this was such a fun bag to make so now I guess I’ll have to remember to keep notes on how I construct my next tote bag!    P.S  Let me know what you like best about this bag.

Stay inspired!  www.KathyPeterson.com



Wire Wedding Decor

Jazz up your wedding decor (or any other celebration) with wire.  Here are a few designs I did using Artistic Wire!    All the designs are mine except the pretty vase designed Carin Atkins.